Interaction and Interface- Web Design

User interface and Experience

When a person praises a website’s accessibility, it means they can easily access the user interface. A user interface is the point of interaction between the user and digital product which helps them to fulfill their goals and needs they have from the product.

A good UI complements the user experience as they are like paint and canvas. A great product experience starts with UX, followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success to create the perfect design that should withstand the changing trends.

“A good UI is like the saddle and the stirrups, whereas UX is the feeling when you ride a horse.”- Dan Miller, web Developer the UI designer considers all the visual aspects of the user’s journey. Whereas the UX designer considers the entire journey to solve a particular problem.

Both UI and UX go hand in hand. UI is like a topping on a UX pizza A UX designer completely analyzer the product and customer through constant wireframing, prototyping, and testing, whereas a UI designer determines the overall look and feel of a product.

Interface helps interaction

User interface design and user interaction design are two closely related disciplines. One focuses on the design of the visual interface and the other more on the design of the user interface is like the website’s pretty face and user interaction is its character.

The interaction design is of 3 levels:

Conceptual, behavioral, and interface. The designer first investigates what is most valuable for users by thinking conceptually, and takes points on the behavior and finally at an interface level by asking himself, “How should the interface look like to achieve this particular user experience?”

One of the best user interaction design tools is ‘Marvel’. It is just the right tool as you can save our work in a go, much like DropBox its clean interface is very intuitive, allowing users to create a simple prototype for web or mobile.

Since most of that experience involves some interaction between the user and the product, the process can and product, the process can only be gradual and bot sudden. So to achieve a good user interaction design, the designer should be ready to invest an ample amount of time. A good can make an impression only when the user can interact with it.

Examples of good UI designs

A good UI should always inspire those who use it. Here are some of the best UI design examples

Behance- it is one of the best inspirational design websites for UI designs. Its minimal interface and custom illustration make it noteworthy.

Dribbble- is one of the popular websites that provides a platform for designers to share their work and design experience. It is the home to one of the largest collections of designs and a clean User interface. It’s not open to everyone, though. If you want to submit your work. You need to receive an invitation code from other designers.

Flikr- is an image and video hosting service that comprises billions of videos and photos under various categories. It almost houses everything that is under the sun with a premium-looking UIthat literally hooks you to it!

Flikr is like ‘the’ hangout spot for designers as they can find high-quality photos and videos under one roof.

Sightsee- Sitesee hosts a curated gallery of modern websites where you can browse the gallery by collections. One of the galleries by collections. One of the best things about sites is their minimal look and a no-nonsense approach towards those looking to purchase a website.